Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Prison broken into by four kittens

The cats were quickly taken in by inmates

Annie photo

The feisty felines found their way into the Great Meadow Correctional Facility and there they have stayed.
The reason they haven’t been kicked out may seem unlikely.
It turns out the inmates like them.
And the feeling seems to be mutual.
The kittens were in poor physical shape when they first “broke in to the prison.
But one prisoner quickly built them a “kitty condo” from scraps and began to care for them.
Now Bruce Porter, the electrician for the pen, takes care of the animals during the week. Porter told The PostStar.com, “I’ve got a soft heart for any sort of animal. I don’t mind helping them out a bit.”
On weekends when Porter is not there, an inmate known as the cat whisperer watches after them.
But Doc, Meadow, Annie, and Comstock -- as they have been named -- won’t have a life sentence in the big house.
The kittens will soon be adopted and have homes of their own.
Source: KRMG
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